Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola and pennywort

Can Gotu Kola Help People with Diabetes?

Clinical trial results show gotu kola may help prevent capillary damage in people with diabetes.

Deterioration of small blood vessels is typically a condition that develops as a complication of diabetes, and is caused by chronic high blood sugar levels. This capillary impairment hinders delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Clinically, dysfunctional microcirculation can seriously damage the retina, kidneys, and nerves—leading to the eye, kidney, and foot problems common to diabetics.42

In a controlled, 6-month clinical trial involving 50 patients with diabetic microangiopathy, those given 60 mg of gotu kola polyphenols twice a day showed significant improvements in a number of microcirculatory indicators. Compared to the lack of any measurable change in the two control groups (one give a placebo and one given nothing), the gotu kola-treated group had improved resting and standing blood flow and less ankle swelling (indicative of decreased capillary leaking).15 These results suggest that gotu kola may help prevent or delay the onset of serious health complications from diabetes and diabetic microangiopathy.

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