Centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola and pennywort

Gotu Kola Helps Heal Wounds

Clinical studies show that gotu kola may help wounds heal better and faster.

Known as a medicinal plant in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, gotu kola (Centalla asiatica) is a natural herbal remedy that can be used to treat venous skin ulcers (leg ulcers), burns, and wounds.3,24,40 In general, the constituents of gotu kola have a number of medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, lymph-draining, and fungicidal effects.52

Modern research has led to commercial production of this herb for medicinal purposes in Western countries.51 One problem in developing an effective topical cream or skin gel application with extracts of gotu kola has been finding a medium that it is dissolvable in while maintaining pharmacological stability. Extensive testing of different bases has yielded gotu kola gels that can remain stable for at least a month at room temperature. Animal studies indicate that the asiaticoside, asiatic acid, and madecassic acid constituents in these gels produce significant healing of wounds.28

  • Venous leg ulcers. Frequently painful, these shallow wounds on the lower leg are caused by chronic insufficient blood flow. Older age and obesity are among the risk factors for developing this serious skin condition. Once the sore breaches the skin surface it can take a very long time to heal, often reoccurs, and can lead to acute health complications. Current standard treatment options include compression stockings and topical dressings, which help improve blood circulation and heal the wound.55
  • Results from a recent 3-year clinical trial on the use of Idrastin® lymph-draining cream containing gotu kola along with compression therapy suggest that it helped heal venous ulcers faster and more effectively than compression alone.56

  • Burns. Experiments demonstrate that creams containing gotu kola extract can minimize scars from burn wounds if used while healing, as well as help limit the risk of infection—even in 2nd an 3rd degree burns.31,54 In animal studies, topical application of ointment containing 1% gotu kola was shown to induce complete healing in burns caused by 200°C hot metal within 20 days.57
  • Wound healing. Constituents of gotu kola not only improve wound healing, they also improve the strength of the newly-regenerated skin. Although gotu kola is known to support collagen production, what makes it so valuable medicinally is that it promotes balanced processes. So it is not surprising to learn that asiaticoside in gotu kola is particularly effective in inhibiting excessive collagen production and limiting the formation of scars (including keloids).54
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